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Artist: Lard
Lard Author
Album: Power Of Lard (1989)
Lard - Power Of Lard Album
Song Title: Time to Melt
Genre: Rock
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Lay me down on a griddle of sweat

Lay me down, it's been a long day

Time to unwind, time to relax

Let the tension flow away

My body's weary and full of holes

Hollow jets in my fingers and my toes

Too tired to masturbate

No sound in the dark as I float in outer space

Touch down on an astroturf plain

Peewee golf balls roll by my face

Golf tees hammered through my feet and my hands

Nailed as an example again

Tied down with fishing line

Lilliputian sacrifice

Fireworks go off, I hear the cheers

Smell the hot dogs

Smell the mustard and the beer

Sharp needles pierce my flesh

Hypodermics press down and inject

20 gallons of Canfield's diet Fudge Soda

Effervescent bubbling chocolate blood

Micron by micron my flesh starts to melt

All that's left is brain and bones

Hot beams on the cool wet sand

Bury me- with the help of the wind and the waves

Submerged in the cool soil

Earthworms crawl in and crawl out

Further down is the underground aquifer cave

The bats and blindfish

Are all my friends

Soil hardens and it starts to crack

The lake is dry as desert air

Sidewinders crawl through my eye sockets

Their soft white underbelly feels like love

Blowing tumbleweeds stick to my ribs

Night falls, the sky is red

Captain Beefheart flies up on gargoyle wings

Talons reach down to take me back again

Reborn on a bed of white

Incubator filters out the light

A thousand breasts massage my face

But Life is calling to take me away

(Open up, we have a warrant)

Learn to walk another day

Learn to walk another day

Ohm, ohm, ohm, ohm, etc

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