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Artist: Lars Frederiksen The Bastards
Song Title: Skins Punx And Drunx
Genre: Alternative
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I grew up with black kids, I call 'em my friends,

vietnemese and the mexicans, your parents

fuckin' hate me you know I hate them too.

I roll with teh freaks and the misfits, every colours in my crew.

I'm down with S.P.D. [x2]

So Don't You Fuck With ME!

Don't Fuck with me man!

I never knew my father, barely knew his name,

he left my mother alone, I took the blame.

Black white yellow and brown kids, mowhawks of green.

If you're claiming S.P.D., then your on my team!

I'm down with S.P.D. [x2]

So Don't You Fuck With ME!

Don't Fuck with me man!

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