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Artist: Larue
Song Title: Theory Of Flight
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Even though i'm firmly planted on the ground/ i still run
and even though i face these mountains i still soar/ to the
sun/ i need you here/ to show me how to feel/ cause i'm
tired of living for myself *CHORUS* When this theory of flight
this question of life that goes on/ and i struggle and try to
be the light of your love i fall into the sea of waves crashing
over me/ and you wash me clean from the sin i have been seen
so many reasons why/ i would lose sight but feel fine yea but feel fine/
*CHORUS* i lift my hands to the
sky i lift my hands up to the sky/ even though i am firmly
planted on the ground / i still run/ and even though i face
these mountain i still soar/ to the sun and i'm crying/ and i'm
praying / and i'm holding onto you/ 'cause this life that you
gave me/ i will give it back to you *CHORUS* i raise my hands into the sky

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