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Artist: Last Chance Dave
Song Title: Saturday
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Tell me something that I wont believe
Cause Ill believe in almost anything
This has been going on too long
And I dont wanna play along anymore

Its like shes always never paying attention
Shes doing things that I just wont mention
This kind of thing is tearing at my nerves
Tell me if it could get any worse.

She comes around and you never believe it
She drags you down and you never could see it
She always lies and youd never conceive it
She gets around.

Got to look at things in another way
I guess it could never be the same again
Its like a one-handed catch and a load of regret
No self-respecting man would fall for this

But I do it all over again
So she does it all over again

Open eyes when I woke up today
Most times Id look the other way
She keeps saying that Ill never get away
I used to agree but not today

Got to look at things in a different way
I guess it could never be the same again
I never thought of this before
I never want to see your face no more

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