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Artist: Last Chapter
Song Title: Things to Come
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Along the roads I've travelled on
I have never reached the end
Alone in life for centuries
Or so to me it seems
A love was lost some miles ago
But the word will take her place
I've looked perfection in the eyes
And our features were not the same

Ou your shoulders , resting on them
The stones of years has set
Now your learning, no un-turning
A selfless life to live

What has been and things to come
I thought mine eyes had seen it all
Salvation's sway has brought me here
And now I see it all clear
Turn to me with all your pain
And I'll show you love is real
Cast away the stone of years
And leave this past behind

Screams arise from the turmoil of the past
Night descend
Another day has gone and died

The time has come
For all of us to tell a friend
Father promises us shelter
From our sins

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