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Artist: Last Emperor
Song Title: Echo Leader
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Verse 1:

Broadcasting live from Ice Station Zebra
I break over beats made to blow out your speaker
The Jim Morrison of hip hop nice to meet ya
But where the hell are Rain Man's Eric and Robbie Krieger
The tricks of the trade get rich and get paid
Launch your career but your flights been delayed
I slaughter ballers send players to their grave
And I'm takin' out all you bloodsuckers like Blade (aghh!),
I'm from the city that left the Liberty Bell cracked,
The Constitution's release party was held at,
Matter of fact, tell your crew to get the hell back,
Or I'ma eat these cats like at alien from Mel Mac (hah!),
To all my backpackers, mallrats and slackers,
Cyber trackers, players, poets and actors,
You wanna know what it's like to be down with my team?
Like the Centurians, "now we're extreme!"

Echo Leader One to Echo Leader Two!
We have an intruder and he's right in front of you!
Echo Leader Two to Echo Leader One!
I got him in my sights the meltdown has begun!
Freedom fighters in the street, rock rock on,
If you rockin' to this beat, rock rock on,
Bring the fire and the heat, rock rock on,
In the face of defeat rock what?! Rock ON!

Verse 2:

(Hmm?) I've got a suspicious intuition,
A new day is dawning, so come on and get with it,
Find a more tactical, practical position,
For these emcees who try to sabotage the mission,
While some lay it down I carry the sound with me,
I might play the ground and study who's down with me,
In order for this joint right here to sound gritty,
We did pre-production in an underground city (yes!),
Wearing post apocalyptic underground gear,
'Cause we haven't seen natural sunlight in twelve years,
I gotta sound astronauts can't wait to hear,
So I speak loud enough to reach Space Station Mir,
We can take it there in fact, I might order ya,
The direction of rap has gotten cornier,
It's time to replace the pain with euphoria,
Make the crowd jump high like Masai Warriors,
I kick back, relax, unwind my true nature,
Catch wreck like James Bond in Moonraker,
Whether flora, fauna, marsupial or mammalia,
Test the Last Emp and end up a complete failure.


Verse 3:

Echo Leader One I'm goin' in cover me,
So we can make the world bounce like it's rubbery,
I got ivy league college lovin' me,
Every rhyme I write is like assignment discovery,
Let me take a few seconds in order to relish,
The good vibrations from the moment that I felt it,
I knew I'd break mics that are well bolted and welded,
'Cause I'm hard like takin' off the Juggernaut's helmet (Hooah!),
I may not be the most muscular of men,
But my songs are strong with the power to pretend,
My job to defend against any man who enters,
The stage that I call my urban command center,
I made it consolidated, with just four bars,
Place your bets and get out your score card,
My mother always told me to reach for the stars,
Now I got the first black owned business on Mars,
>From lasers and photons to dragons and giants (yeah),
The Ackbar, the Dogon, the Aztecs, the Mayans (yeah),
If obedience is just as old as defiance,
Be an Echo Leader for this Rebel Alliance!


Echo Leader One, Echo Leader Two
intruder alert and he's right in front of you.
Echo Leader Two to Echo Leader One
I got him in my sights the meltdown has begun.
Freedom fighters in the streets, rock rock on,
If you rockin' to this beat, rock rock on,
Bring the fire and the heat, rock rock on,
In the face of defeat rock what? Rock on

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