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Artist: Last Emperor
Song Title: The World Of Suzi Wong
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I'm looking for Suzi Wong

Tell me have you seen her

I need her before I step inside the arena

We lost touch and let Philly come between us

Warrior princess, she's stronger than Xena

I know niggas that can't wait to get between her

But if you get cold with her it's more than a misdemeanor

My homeboy said she was more beautiful than Selena

So I let him hit it and he fell into a seizure

Caught amnesia from Suzi getting tossed up

Fives, tens, twenties it don't cost much

Compared to other chicks they all suck

We lost touch I heard lately she's dating this kid they call Dutch

They got off to an incredible start

She gave him wild ideas about blowing the charts

And when she broke up with Dutch it split 'em apart

I guess she captures a man's mind as well as his heart


Suzi gives me sanctuary

She's a place for me to hide

A place where we get high

What kind of man am I

Tell me the truth 'cause I just can't stand a lie

I can't find her but I'll still be a man and try

For Suzi's affection I'll punch out a samurai

Made for admiring, no woman's flyer than

She calms me down with a stroke of the violin

She brings peace to the streets filled with violence

Put down the guns and let the l's start firing

Words I speak send the weak into retirement

Evel Kanievel styles straight deaf defying men

Open the door before I let the empire in

Tell me where she is break the code of silence

Keeps me hungry she startles and stuns me

I went from clean cut to low down dirty and grungy

After one pull in some undiscovered country

No man could ever stop Suzi from speaking bluntly


They tell me time and time again that shit is real

The slightest touch gives Suzi the illest feel

Take one pull and watch her flesh turn into steel

I'm seeing red and the stage is like a killing field

She got my eyes so tight I can't open 'em

No matter how hard I try I can't focus 'em

Dangerous rhymes, minds I'll be blowing 'em

Far from addictive, ghetto version of opium

All my friends as well as my fans

Fell in love and gave Suzi total command

I tracked her down, I used an intelligent plan

That's why I keep my face hidden like the elephant man

I'm telling you damn

Twisted, but even when I'm sober

I hunt Suzi like Sean Connery in Red October

Sad to say this relationship is over (it's over)

'Cause when I found Suzi I had to smoke her

*CHORUS* (repeat twice)

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