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Artist: Last Gentlemen
Song Title: Gently Let You Down
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when your voice breaks, it breaks my heart
but that is just the start
when your soul aches, i don't know what to do
then i still want to be with you
but because i love you

(i'll) gently let you down
i'll be better i promise the next time around
but i have to leave you

when you first ask, i can't explain
the silence starts to ring
and when i say, it will be better for you
your cautious smile says you don't believe
but every word is true

i'll gently let you down
if i'm lucky there'll be a next time around
if there's not i'll understand

time could take its toll
but it could heal and let you go
if it were easy for me to say
goodbye would be a word away

when we first met, i knew i'd never regret
falling in love with you
but where i have to go, i need to go alone
i don't know what else to do
but know i love you

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