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Artist: Last Week
Song Title: Saturday Night
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It was a beautiful morning
That Saturday night
I didn't come home till the break of light
And all I can tell you
Is we had some fun
That night was
Second to none

We had fun
Stayed out late
Talked life and
And our fate
As we grow
And times change
I know we're together in this game
Yea yea yea
Oh oh oh
I'll never let go

I can't tell you
'Cause I don't know
Get on the highway of life
Get set ready and go
They'll all move away and
We'll remember the times
The girls the parties and the sterling!!
All intertwined

We had fun
Stayed out late
Talked life and
And our fate
As we grow
And times change
I know we're together in this game
Yea yea yea
Oh oh oh
I'll never let go

So your gonna leave the other
But you always wanna feel secure
Just like a long lost brother
I'll be there forever more

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