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Artist: Last Years Hero
Song Title: Swollen Bottom Lip
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Tonight's the night to say goodbye
So long to the goodlife

As day breaks i'll be on my way
there's no reason left for me to stay

Phonelines send confirmation
of my new beginning
and whats left of me


i'll take the fall
for all its worth
just promise me
that it won't hurt more than this
swollen bottom lip

I cant beleive i looked up to you
after all the things you put me through

i played down things that you said
cant lay down this weary head
with what i have seen
crawling through the dark again

i'll take the fall
for all its worth
just promise me
that it wont hurt as much as
this swollen bottom lip.

the child left in me
its all but broken
replaced with misery
scarred inside and out

i'll take the fall
for all its worth
just promise me
that it wont hurt as much as
this swollen bottom lip.

i cant forget what you've done to me now
i cant forgive this hearts got nothing left
inside now

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