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Artist: Late Night Show
Song Title: Brick Wall
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Sticking my head out through a bathroom stall,
Looking through a window can?t see anything at all.
A hospital room with a partial view,
But I can?t sit around with nothing to do.
So I think about me and me and me
Connecting myself to my past and history.
Where does it go?No one knows
?Cause time flies when you?re all alone.

If I have to see your face
I would pray for a haze
?Cause I can?t stand it anymore.
I?d rather stare at a brick wall
From day to day
Then to see your face once more.

Where no one cares is where I'll find my home.
Still staring into space into the unknown.
And though I sit and stare, there's nothing to see.
Only the dread of what's to come of me.
Where no one cares is where I'll find my home.
Still lookin' out that window, by myself, all alone.
Why can't I hear what I?ve always wanted there;
A simple voice from someone who cares?

If I have to see your face
I would pray for a haze
?Cause I can?t stand it anymore.
I?d rather stare at a brick wall
From day to day
Then to see your face once more.

Staring at a brick wall!
Say hello to brick wall!

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