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Artist: Lateef and Lyrics Born
Song Title: The Wreckoning Live 45 Mix
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Look Bitch / Ya know I'm coming tight / so you can switch them hips
from left to right all night
and won't nobody give a shit / if you was sittin' / I might ask you ta
stand take a load off of ya mind
cuz them lyrics you kicked was so butt / ya brain must be synonymous with
your behind / the timing on ya rhymin' sucked black / that's why I still
caint figure out why the fuck / he was all on my nut sac / and droolin' on
the tool and who ya foolin' tryin' ta act so cool / when it comes to the
duelin', / pull up a stool and we can begin the schoolin: / Ooohin' and
Aaaahin' it / really don't matter as long as the rappers know / who's shit
is fatter / and who should be beggin' the pardon / for the disaster / as I
blast ya into Anti matter / make you scream out Uncle! as I punk you with
the funk / watch you buckle like a punk will / another chump killed as I
chuckle pumping steel, through the steel, so that I can steal the show /
the bunk have no appeal / meaning that I don't feel the wack, even when you
be feeling that / no matter how slow / ya go / ya still got no thing to say
/ when skills are softer than clay ? now come on man, that aint where the
Cassius / you must have thought that sexy ass was gone make some dough / on
the strength of them promo pictures- Ho / blow me down / I'd be surprised
if you could even go just one more round / and I'm from the O / challenging
you in your own Goddamned town / and I know the homies gone clown / when
they hear the /profound thoughts and experiences applied from my strife to
the end of your life on this mic / the Pipe is like enlightening when
frightening / reciting passages striken 'em all like lightening / from the
hand of God / writing missing your hand it might be odd at first / awful
uncomfortable but the fractured skull has gotta be worse / curse the killer
while the life giver is giving untill it hurts / perkin' and buildin at
work, blurtin' out warning! Alert! / Don't be decieved as to the
multiplicities of realities available / here on this earth since birth /
don't forget the royalties and legalities / even though I don't think they
were meant to be / purchased on purpose / and maybe we're supposed to see
grass first and then miss it / excuse me ya'll / sometimes my tense it gets
terse / cuz shit it pisses me off / like niggas fallin' off did Coerced! /
and oh! the shit is so perverse / and I didn't wanna be bothered with you
or your smirk in the first / and it's probably best for everybody /
involved including the verse of course / if we all just word to thought
/cut short

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