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Artist: Latyrx
Song Title: 4000 Miles
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[Charlie Tuna]
J5 Blackalicious


We take a journey through music right now (*2X*)

[Charlie Tuna]
Yo, when music temptations cant be resisted
Fifths will be unconsistent make me a misfit
Listed as a phenomenom I got an oncoming bomb
Which is perfection and flexin like I spent time in Nam
The beat is on and its nice an easy
Instrumentals blendin like cinnamon rice and peas
And lifes a breeze when you dont have to kick it to find
Contemplate the creation with blackalicious and I
Tuna fish is for a musical infant hes past gone
Tryin to hold fast and grasp hits like last fall
So last long flash on keepin the past strong
we grab songs and rythm so people can catch on
My mic honor cause momma I twiced promised her
Love life if music is truly your wife honor her
Burnin to your thermometer stretch a million kilometers
Connect a population at birth to one another for real

Music, deliver from within and it covers up everything
Music, when the melody and rythm get the moving an unity
Movin, one force one love one whole community
Do it, keep travelin on keep travelin on

[Gift of Gab]
Underground or overboard overlord oh my lord
More remore pure sonic over joy sworn for shorts
Unseen aquatic bout to get explored
Warriors breakin all the limits twistin the laws

[Chief Xcel]
Now who said that underground is only just one more
I'm sellin time and space and matter makin hula-hoops of saturns rings

[Gift of Gab]
And bring my thing and sink to think
That these was meant to be writ if these spits will ever be writ
We on some destiny (shh shhh) we took a piece of this
We often testement on every

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