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Artist: Lauper Cyndi
Lauper Cyndi Author
Album: Sisters Of Avalon (1997)
Lauper Cyndi - Sisters Of Avalon Album
Song Title: You Dont Know
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You don't know where you belong
You should be more careful
As you follow blindly along ...
You just need to belong somehow.

Relying on rhetoric ...
Not well versed on topics ...
Any idea what you're talking about ?
Revisions of history
Fair well in some company
But don't shove that bullshit down my throat

You don't know where you belong ...
You should be more careful
As you follow blindly along ...
To find something to swear to ...
Till you don't know what's right from wrong
You just need to belong somehow.

Left suppresses right
Right suppresses left
So what's the left, and what's right ?
You're told what to wear,
You're told what to like
I'd be nice if you'd think for yourself sometime,
But you don't.

Now you don't know where you belong ...
You should be more careful
As you follow blindly along ...

Mix sheer hypocrisy with mediocrity
You'll play it safe every time -
So life turns up empty
And you're so dissatisfied
Who are you blaming this time ?
Don't you know ?

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