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Artist: Laura Cantrell
Song Title: Oh So Many Years
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For these many years, I've loved you,

No-one has ever known.

No-one has ever known but you alone.

We've kept it locked inside our hearts,

And smiled through all the tears.

My Darlin', I have loved you, oh, so many years.

Each night, within my lonely room,

I cried, dear, over you.

I pray, someday, that things will turn out right.

And when the dawn of day appears,

I brush away the tears.

My Darlin', I have loved you, oh, so many years.

Mayber fate will lead us down a path,

Where we will meet again.

And we will both be free to love anew.

Then one sweet kiss from your dear lips,

Will banish all my tears.

My Darlin', I have loved you, oh, so many years.

I'll just go on pretending,

My life is, oh, so gay,

And happy, dear, without you by my side.

When all the time, my heart is longing,

Just to have you near.

My Darlin', I have loved you, oh, so many years.

Oh, my Darlin', I have loved you, oh, so many years.

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