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Artist: Laura Nyro
Song Title: Lu
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Silver was the color, winter was a snowbell.

Mother of the wind boys, living off the lovewell with Lu.

And everybody's calling Luie, Luie Luie, you got a thing about you.

Keep the light going for Luie and Luie keeps on pushing through.

Amber was the color, summer was a flame ride,

Cooking up the noon roads, walking on God's good side,

I was walking on God's good side, God's good side with Lu.

And everybody's calling Luie, Luie Luie, you got a thing about you.

Keep the light going for Luie and Luie keeps on pushing through.

Keeps on pushing through, through, he keeps on pushing.

I will always be fair, be there for Lu, forever and ever more,

everybody, everybody, everybody yeah.

And everybody's calling Luie, calling Luie, everybody's calling Luie calling

my man, my man Luie, calling Luie, my man Luie?

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