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Artist: Lauren Rose
Song Title: Honestly, Would You?
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If you could make me feel all cozy and bright,
Would you hold me all through the night?
If I felt alone and only you could cheer me up,
Would you give me a big hug and lift me up?
If I needed you so badly...I'd cry,
Would you come over and look me in the eye?
If I'd ask you for a dance,
Would you surprise me with romance?

Honestly, would you?
Please tell me the truth.

Since the first time I saw your face,
It seemed like my whole world was finally in place.
You make me feel so alive,
And I know you are so sweet inside.
My love for you is too hard to explain,
But I promise you from me there will be no pain.
I know there will be no suffering or crying from me,
Because you are that perfect one for me, I see.

So now all I want is you with me,
Just like we were meant to be.
Like sitting under the stars at night,
Please hold me tight.
I will never let you go,
Because my love for you will forever flow.
I admit with you I am obsessed,
At least he's my #1 best!

- Copywritten and dedicated! -

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