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Artist: LAW
Song Title: Gorgeous
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laughter ?ound here -and I can? find the well

something has happened and now I? insecure

and downstairs the pain grows I will loose control

I smell her armpits but I do need her soul

I could be so generous, but now it? time to die

no one could help her and no one will hear her cries

and I live to save her from me

I?l keep her so precious and I? her god tonight

then I?l be calm and patient , will only take the night

I could be generous to her , but now it? time to die

no one could help her I know it and no one hears her cries

and I live to save her from

I exist to protect her from me

now there she lies in bed

and I? the one who will find her it? time to go

that fuckin blade in my hand will bless her and take her higher

she? gorgeous

and all I see is blood on the ground

I? feeling dizzy - I think my time is out

blessed for that she did fool me

and now it? time for me to say goodbye to her

I hear the laughter around me

and I can? find the well something has happened and now I? insecure

and I live to protect her from

what the fuck was going wrong

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