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Artist: Lawrence Arms
Song Title: A Wishful Puppeteer
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I haven't seen you since that brooklyn night

i guess it's been about a year by now

cold and rainy, in a poets words

Dark and crimson in a drunken way

i was frozen in a window pane

kind of like i was on a movie screen

your hair was darker than i remembered it

i was as awkward as i could have been

so much has changed

it seems nothing ever changes

i found a way to wear a thousand different faces

time creeps into my dreams

breathe deep

fill your lungs with me

headaches, stalemates

chest pains, i'm trembling

ink stains, text to burn

am i leaving, am i leaving

i found your face

in my dreams the last two nights

what are you doing here

what am i singing for

a window sitter grown into the crutch

the crutch has always been right there for him

i'm sorry i'm pushing her away

i'm talking crimson in a drunken sway

i'm talking crimson in a drunken sway

so much has changed

it seems nothing ever changes

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