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Artist: Lawrence Tracy
Lawrence Tracy Author
Album: Sound Choice (0)
Lawrence Tracy - Sound Choice Album
Song Title: If The Good Die Young
Genre: Pop
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It was sunday morning, I was seven years old
In the backyard playing in a big mudhole
I was all decked out, ready for church
Had my brand new suit all covered in dirt
Mama hit the ceiling she was fit to be tied
Talkin bout how shes gonna tan my hide
But daddy was laughing when I changed my clothes
saying "mama leave the boy alone"
Cause if the good die young
If the good die young
Mamas little boy gonna have alot of fun
Cause hes gonna live forever if the good die young
Ten years later had a hot rod ford
Constable clocked me at a hundred and four
Judge said "boy youre gonna hurt yourself
Youd a long been dead if you were anybody else"
Cause if the good die young
If the good die young
Oh there aint a sentence gonna hold you son
Cause hes gonna live forever if the good die young
Well I got a good heart, I wouldnt hurt a soul
But Im gonna keep rocking till they call that roll
Old st.peter hes gonna have to wait
Im gonna go to heaven but I might be late
Cause if the good die young
If the good die young
Pedal to the metal, let your motor run
Cause hes gonna live forever if the good die young
And if the good die young
If the good die young
They got the jams, well have some fun
Cause Im gonna live forever if the good die young

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