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Artist: Lay Susan
Song Title: Like A Child
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Written by: S Lay
Produced by: J Stanley

I hear your silent scream
Deep in your private dream
Two ways to go from here
One way will bring you near
Fragile wish

Full moon, no rain, no shame
That distance still remains
More shades of grey to come
We've been through more than one
Close your eyes

Like a frightened child
Fragile in its spirit
Like a wind blowing wild
No name you can give it
Like an infantile seeing the light for the very first time

No tricks, no slight of hand
Find somewhere safe to land
Before your walls were shaking
But now the whole thing's braking
And it makes you feel

Like a frightened child
Fragile in its spirit
Like a wind blowing wild
No name you can give it
Like an infantile seeing the light for the very first time

Yes, youre right
What is right?
Yes it's night I can tell
Yes it shows
Yes I know
You're a beautiful stranger to yourself

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