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Artist: Layzie Bone
Song Title: This Aint Livin
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Yeah, what's happening my peoples
That's how we're struggling
Yeah, I know it's hard out here man
But ain't nobody said it was gonna be easy
You know what I mean?
Together we stand
That's how we're struggling
Divided we fall
What's happenin ya'll?
What's crackin?

Ain't nothing changed since I was a kid
Nothing but the days, months and the years
Putting it down and keeping it serious
Trying to keep from shedding these tears
You would have thought that it would have got better
Making that rapping and doing these shows
But to me it only got worse
Close to (?) nobody knows
The real steam, the reason why, I do the things that I do
Getting so high, drinking these brews
Feeling like I've got nothing to lose
I payed my dues and the Lord blessed me
But now I pray to save my mother, and my brother
Lord please help me
Heavy loads should be for heavy people
But niggas just trying to provide for their family
Facing cops and evil
And we need our higher powers
So what I'm going to do is keep my prayers to the sky for you
Won't tell no lie for you, but nigga I'm willing to die for you
Undivided, reunited
With the fist in the pyramid
Right about now I'm about to tip my lid
Somebody tell me what this is
A dream, a reality, my sanity about to give in
Got the fame and the fortune but this ain't living

This ain't livin', but it's the only thing I know
This ain't livin', I've got to find a higher road
This ain't livin', but it's the only thing I know
This ain't livin', I've got to find a higher road

From the past, the present through, I

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