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Artist: Laze
Song Title: Stuck
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f/ Anon

Here I come with the fucking lyrics to blow your mind up

Rewind up the tape and watch the snake's coil rattle

The battle is on, against brown foxes and obnoxious

Lyricals not understandable street slang beyond comprehensible

I use dental tools to remove

The plaque in the back of your cranium

As I blow up like uranium, taking Nas fools and disdaining them

Saying "Gotti" so many times, you're gonna find me arraigning them

'Cause the year of the hard, scarred emcee has passed

Present answers for the problems that you verbally harass

When the English language is all that's hurt by your linguistics

The meaning?You missed it, check the purist, it's

L-a-z and I plead the fifth letter

The go-getter, heavy sweater under pressure

Hey -- no keys or money G's, please!Fuck the rock man

This kid's more broker than a stock man, I got mad

Bills, you thought I was 'a say skills, that too, but I kill

Ignorance with the flip of a frankincense to a bookmill

Open my mind with the histories of cultures past

Learn what they won't teach me and see how long the vultures last

I coach this brain of mine to get rich like Brandywine

There's ground and I'm standing mine, never silent like a pantomime

Breakin' molds, pissing people off on my way on the up

They don't like it?They getting fucked by me on the go-go like Huck-a-Bucks

Suck my ding-a-ling like Chuck Berry, that's a scary thought

As I continue on the Downlow... like Mat Cart-

er, I take a moment to prove the absurdity

In a foreign tongue that got more rhymes than a nursery

Hey -- who the fuck is cursing me?I don't give a motherfucking fuck

'Cause I won't get stuck in the rut of a gutter 'cause my shit's butter

Spread it on your bread, it's the taste of my generation

'Causin' perspiration on the brows of those with constipation

You're getting stuck

Who the fuck you think you're dealing with?Know what the fuck I've been through?

Not a hell of a lot but I got shit locked down cooked like a barbecue

How hard are you?Hey, got a minute to test yourself?

Put yourself at the end of a loaded barrel and tell me if you wet yourself

Why do you choose for Tommy Hil to represent your race?

When tommy is just an old-ass rich white guy with a smiling, wrinkly face

Disgrace to the fucking nation like hip-hop to Timberlands

Put your ear to my lips and let me tell you what you'll find me in:

Levi's jeans too big for me when I wear my shirt out

And a bulky hooded sweatshirt to make it look like I work out

Brothers thinking, "Who's he fooling with that thin ass rear?"

And I wonder the same of those who are wearing five-hundred dollar gear

Hip-hop is a lifestyle that I've lived since I was small

But these new jack Foxy Brown kids want to take it all

Critics screaming "Chuck D sold out, now he's a fucking zero"

But shit, Chuck's my man and you bet he's my fucking hero

I got the back of the folks that be pushed down into the muck

'Cause they may be sticky in the mud but new jacks is getting stuck

They getting stuck.

Stuck like a postage stamp I'mma mail that ass to your producer

To show him who's getting looser, more fluid than a juicer

Your ass is a food dehydrator making chips

But on this level I'm killing devils with this ol' ill shit

A record deal down the road with a doper rhyme is a hope of mine

Mountain Brothers got signed to Columbia, it's about fucking time

Folks dragging they feet like they toes was breathing fire

While the rest of the nation watched in shock like electric wire

And who perspired?The kids who worked the hardest

But record labels seem to have a fetish for mainstream bullshit artists

Fuck the gimmick shit, I won't be limited, bitch

Innovative styles for years with miles of tears from smiling peers

This ain't no dog food disgusting imitation meat replacement

It's the meatiest, roughest lyrical style this side of where you pay rent

As I rule the whole complex, but I don't have one, just like Chino X

I don't need no sex.Fuck that, I do, but I got restraint by inhaling paint fumes

I consume the high and turn it into talent

No Alazay in this bloodstream I need to maintain my balance

I'll Tommy Tippy toe to your apartment, to get shit started

With your woman as she's telling me, "But he can't help it if he's retarded!"

With this many songs under my belt I find the time to handle things

As I dismantle Ming's dynasty, I'll die nasty as the band'll sing

My praises doing covers of my songs from five years ago

Competition gets stuck as they struck with lyrical vertigo


I get stuck in pounds of pussy regardless of its race

Move from position to position like I was losing a race

Stop on the breaks glance over your models and makes,

Grab your goods and spread 'em

All over the place, disregard all warning signs

Play you like dimes from an ounce, watch as I pounce

I'll stick you, I stuck you, you're out of luck

Now, I just gave a fuck about two minutes ago

Like a sensation of pleasure unable to be measured, mix it with a beat

Instantly get out of your seat

Eat my marshmallows give daps to my fellows

Deep like the gallows filled to the brim

Good to the last time I dropped it, you make me sick

Fake rhymes, repeated: I kicked it, so delete it

I got you stuck

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