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Artist: Lazy G
Song Title: New Flava
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yo this me the mu friggin zyg came ta change the game now that i'm here it ain't ever gonna be the same i'm killen niggas like a st. louis ram grew up unwealthy smoked crack so i was never that healthy dad never knew him dont even know why ma did what she did wit him but that's the past and this the future and its lookin quite bright got big butties and fat pussies in my sight cuz u know this g know how to do it right i murder niggas thinkin they got what it takes ta surivivin life in the streets its more to it then just makin some beets ya gotta know how ta steal the meat but still through all this i still feed the needy cuz i know if God see what i'm doin he gonna make my life allright me and my lil' brother is real tight i look out for him cuz he like a son to me ain't got a daddy neither but we gonna let that be u just wait an see u gonna be hearin bout me
who gonna help me (nobody)
who gonna feed me (nobody)
who gonna protect me from ak's and A R 15's(nobody)
an nobody gonna look out for ya this is life in the streets an this is how it be
(verse 2)
nobody worry bout me shit they'd rather see me die then see me cry that's more food for them cuz workin a 9 to 10 just ain't cuttin it i feel the pressure of the heat up against my neck don't wanna die yet cuz i got a feelin i'll be goin ta heck try ta live a good life try ta do the right things but its just so hard livin in the mu fuckin streets playin ball all day ta pass some time see a girl named nicki that's o so fine wish i could make her mine but i can't support her shit i can't support myself in a couple a years i'm a be livin by myself drinkin bears smokin crack all that dumb shit i'm tryin ta stay away from and i'm only gonna do it cuz i lonely some body come hold me i'm a take a lil' sayin from r.kelly cuz heaven i need a hug

(verse 3)
i came i saw i went i licked i fucked i left got my shit an got outta the hood did what i did didn't wanna be just an ordinary sid haven family, friends and enemies visiting me at the cementary when i should be visiten them cuz they twice my age but this ain't the stone age shit done changed
fade out

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