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Artist: Lazyboy
Song Title: Its All About Love
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It?s all about love
No matter what race they are
Prey to god, love everybody'
Whoever loves you love them back

You know love is like a big pot hole
You can look at it but don?t fall in it

Love? Well we?ve been married almost 50years
You have to try real hard and work at it
And look away

Love it hurts and love is the truth
Love never lies, love is not jellous
And love is beautiful

Be faithful to the one you love
Remain true to the one you love

Be nice to everybody
And you know they?ll do the same to you
They?ll be nice to you

Be open to love, don?t get blinded by love

Love is my harley Davidson American made
Nothing like it in the world

I?m first in everything
If I can?t love myself, I can?t love you

Love the flower love the trees love everything

When you open your eyes in the morning
You say it?s a love for me I?m happy

Don?t settle no matter how old you are
If you?re a girl 30years old and your biological clock is ticking
Coz you feel like you have to have a child
Unless you find a person
Don?t settle
Keep looking
Even if you don?t find that person till your 40 or 45
Keep looking
Because once you do you?ll find your soul mate
It?s a love like no other

Follow your heart that it

Don?t go after the beauties
That?s only skin deep

There?s a very thin line between
You know being open to love
And just letting someone take advantage of you

Keep it with god and in your heart
And it works out pretty good
You can?t be evil, you gotta have good in your heart
So as I find me a girl, I show her what love is

Go with the flow

Never lose respect

Don?t get your heart broken

Respect each other always
Of corse we need love
Like in a relationship its like a rollercoaster up and down
Like if I go in to another room and wait and count to ten and let it go

Becareful with it be very carful
But enjoy it at the same time
I mean don?t be too weary

I think its all about yourself
Love yourself then it all kind of
It kinda goes out from that direction
I think a lot of people try to find things and people and cause
Without searching for it within themselves
You got to hit the base first
Or its all kinda hollow

Best thing to do is it talk about it
Whatever it is just talk
Even if it risks the other person getting angry
You don?t go to bed angry at each other
If you talk it though
I mean all the way though
At the end of it your back in love again
It?s the cure all
It?s the fix

Is there a recipe to love?

Love is giving and forgiving
And that?s the way it should be
Every one should love each other
Because there should be no hate in the world
If everyone loved each other
There would be no problems in the world today
We would all be at peace
I believe in peace

Yo, love yourself above all else
Because you may have all your feeling up in somebody else
Love yourself more than anybody else

Love is the meaning of life
Do one cool thing to someone else
Each day

Make it
Whenever your gonna have love
Your gonna have pain
Just accept it

It?s the greatest thing that there is

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