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Artist: Le Ann Womack
Song Title: Lonely Too
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How can you ask me how have I been?
I think you should know well the shape that I'm in
You tell me you wonder if I was okay
Well that's a damn fool thing to say

The water is risin, the water is ride
And you're always standin on the other side
And then comes the moment, I wait in the dawn
With hours to lie here alone

And you seem so surprised that I'm feelin this way
How am I so lonely today?
If you ever loved me the way I loved you
You would be lonely too

So here's to the lovers for old times' sake
Who don't hold each other to the promise they break
And smile through the window
And wave on the street
Cause that's all you want now from me

Should I say somethin to put you at ease?
Or should I get down on my knees?
If you ever loved me the way I loved you
You would be lonely too

If you ever loved me the way I loved you
You would be lonely too

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