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Artist: Le Tigre
Le Tigre Author
Album: This Island (2004)
Le Tigre - This Island Album
Song Title: After Dark
Genre: Rock
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I got your name and number, you seem kinda surprised.

Maybe it's 'cause I can be, you know, like cold as ice.

In crowded situations I always want to go.

And if I see you leaving, I beat you to the door.

I'm gonna tell you something, you're better than fake-wild.

I see the future.

In it, they try to kill your style, your manner, and your motives.

I've seen the way it goes.

So memorize my number, that's why I got a phone.

Call me after dark.

I can make the sun rise daily right up from your landscape painting.

I will be in the front row later when your brush becomes a mic.

Maybe we could change this game forever.

Shapes our breath makes in cold weather.

They might say we're both crazy...I'm just glad I found you, baby.

I don't want someone telling me no-oh-oh, "you're out of time"

I don't mind being debated as long as you're with me tonight.

I'm not gonna give up easy, we were made to cross the line.

I don't want the things that we do...I don't want to let them die.

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