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Artist: Le Tigre
Le Tigre Author
Album: Feminist Sweepstakes (2001)
Le Tigre - Feminist Sweepstakes Album
Song Title: Shred A
Genre: Electronic
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You, by my side get no reply
To clarify you
You just know, you're wasting my time
You're wasting my time
There goes a good gone bye,
Right on time

I'm ready
Come and try
And clip this fire, now
Baby I won't show you nothing
Dont want to
I just know that you are a waste of my time
A waste of my time, a waste of my time
You wastin' my time

It's all so precious and you throw it away
It's all so precious and you throw it all away
throw it away

You're not good enough for me
To even despise
You wasted my
You wasted my
You wasted my time

Said behead
Said say correct
Shred project

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