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Artist: Leaders Of The New School
Song Title: Classic Material
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CLASSIC! Busta Rhymes is

CLASSIC! Dinco D is

CLASSIC! Charlie Brown is

CLASSIC! Milo in the Dance is


Cut to the Monitor, Monitor to the Cut, what? Milo in the Dance!


Bust this as I construct this like a blunt

Ropie dope, first quarter just start

Now people in the dance me au beh uni

Uni uni, fe big up in '92

No link to dust, watch brain cells bust

As I flip the script, I could make a Rev feel lit

You walking on shakey ground, call it warned

Now big up your chest if you could test L.O.N.S.

Mr. Distress take a long rest

And I never never never wanna see you no more, see you no more

See you no more, got classic material wall to wall

[Dinco D]

Hey, running through computer chips, leaving trails of flesh

Disectable satons, crucial to summing quest

Less, yes, bust press on the drumpads

Caress chest may relieve stress, so

Consider the inner outta don't know if you oughta doubt a

Seat a eater Peter, what you saying after hours?

Players pop pills, pop stars blunt fanatics the dramatics

Come running up to me, the D to the O (Why it gotta be you, D?)

Which sees for insight within the C down

With an (oh my gosh) and a (oh C.B.)

10-4 not Milo (follow me)

Cuss, you mean us, Leaders as you see, you an MC, you an MC

Well no time to play, LP it in time

It's just another case, hey but I place

Place another fact and exact I come (Oh!)

Classic Material we reign number one

Classic Material, Classic Material

L.O.N.S. with the Classic Material

Classic Material, Classic Material

Everybody, we got the Classic Material

[Charlie Brown]

Hey, a new frontier, pioneer to steer

Ripping and rhyming, ripping and rhyming every single year

365, 24/7, Stomp romp stamp amp floor keep stepping

Merely, yearly, my base is always 1st, not 3rd, word

Catch the patch in the latch of the hook of the book

Perhaps? (No haps!)

If so (Hip-hop!) Make 'em make 'em clap

Last class, I alphabetized the re-rap

A boy came down every day, A-B-C-D-E, now see what I say

C. Brown reflections of black (And!)

The shade of the lyrical, here to kick facts

Give me a hit (Hit!) for the classic elastic splastic dope on plastic

No illusion no confusion, undecided, I'm invited delighted and bite it

Material madness, raw for the core imperial, as I come with an aerial

Power from the L-shaped room

L.O.N.S., L.O.N.S. we smoke boom!

[Busta Rhymes]

When I make my music, I got the classic material

When I grab the microphone you know I'm reigning imperial

Wake up in the morning, eat my whole wheat cereal

Historical styles combines with new musical

L.O.N.S. wreck shit as usual

When we make a presence yes we got to make it visual

Mental, physical, then we come spiritual

Follow this shit here, cause this shit is emotional

We express an emotion through a style they call lyrical

Mysterical, we make it complicated and technical

Numerical as we move down like a decimal

(East Coast Stomp!) Cause you know that is the principle

Look at here, what you see is four individuals

This time, you know we're going to form in institutional

So that we can become one and become more powerful

You're living mystical, I-

dentify yourself as you face the universal

Ripping it at will and it's done with no rehearsal

Moving like you're dusted and you're caught up in something trivial

T.I.M.E. is eternal when you have the

Classic Material, yes Material, yes Material

You know we got Material, Classic Material

Yes Material, yes Material, Classic Material!

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