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Artist: Leah Andreone
Song Title: Bad Intentions
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Supa ugly

Put ya cups up,
get ya smoke in,
baby we partyin,
aint nobody loccin,
who you provokin?,
what you want now?,
take a look around,
there's pimp shit goin down,
there's alota bitches,
a whole lotta freaks,
top notch hoes,
they flockin every week,
what you wanna do?,
get ya next thrill,
take a x pill,
how the sex feel?,
damn you lookin good,
all 10 of y'all,
wanna roll?,
pump dick in y'all,
keep ya face down,
keep ya ass up,
you know what you doin,
keep that shit movin,
keep them titties jumpin,
keep the henny comin,
every bitch in here need to be touchin somethin,
I know they like it hot,
thats why i keep it hot,
so why the fuck could they not want a piece of doc?

I don't give a fuck cuz I'm just drinkin, smokin, straight west coastin,
bitches puttin ass in motion, pussy, fuckin, sex, promotin,
is that a cup? raise it up,
is that a blunt? blaze it up,
is that your bitch? on these nuts,
dre I dont give a fuck,
all I really know is ya hoe wants to be with me,
and she aint playing and what I'm sayin,
she creeps with me and sleeps between the sheets,

verse II

Soon as the door close,
I make em curl toes,
they all wanna get chose,
we never love y'all,
my niggas all macs,
we sip alotta yac (cognac),
fuck and never call back,
pack women in the club till it's pitch black,
thugs on the block wondering where their bitch at,
where you think nigga?,
she with the aftermath,
call the house she aint home she with aftermath,
no talking,
fuck how ya day goes,
you want dick?,
well bitch say so,
dont be shy now,
probably the best at it,
they say a party aint a party till the west had it,
gravitate to the doc like it's automatic,
take your clothes off,
make me wanna grab it,
turn around with it,
make me wanna stab it,
time to get it crackin,
show me them bad habits


(add on)
when she's all alone she sneaks out to be with me,
and what I'm sayin is she aint playin,
she creeps with me and sleeps between the sheets

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