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Artist: LeAnn Rimes
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Song Title: Leann Rimes
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I am here to tell you we can never meet again
simple really
isnt it ?
A word or two and then
a lifetime of not knowing where or how
or why or when
you think of me
or speak of me
or wonder what befell

The someone you once loved so long ago
so well

never wonder what i feel
as living shuffles by
you dont have
to ask me
i need not reply
every moment of my life
from now untill i die
i would think or dream of you
and fail to understand
how a perfect love can be confounded
out of our hands


is it written in the stars
are we playing for some crime
is it all that we are good for
just a strech of mortal time
is this gods experimant
in which we have no say
in which we are givin paridise
but only for a day.

Nothing can be attended there is nothing
to decide
no escape
no change of heart
no any place to hide
you are all ive ever wanted, but this i am denied
sometimes in my darkest thoughts i
wish id never learnt
what is it to be in love and have that love return.

Repeat chorus x2

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