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Artist: Lee Aaron
Lee Aaron Author
Album: Call Of The Wild (1985)
Lee Aaron - Call Of The Wild Album
Song Title: Paradise
Genre: Rock: Hard-Rock
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I remember too well, as I close my eyes..
Of a long lost summer, far away in time..
Oh you.., someone I hardly knew.., at all
A feeling.., like no other, I've ever felt in all my life

For a single moment, the world was ours to hold..
How reality gets lost, when love starts to unfold..
Oh you.., you an' I we both knew.., the truth
Oh we could never, last forever, on two roads leading separate ways

Oh it coulda been paradise..
(Coulda been paradise)
Coulda been paradise..
(Coulda been paradise)

Baby you know that it coulda been paradise..
(Coulda been paradise)
Coulda been paradise
- (It coulda been paradise)
- An' deep in my soul there's a place, you'll hold forever....

If our paths should cross again
Maybe we could start all over
This time, we would hold on, 'til the end....

Oh it coulda been paradise..
(Coulda been paradise)
Coulda been paradise..
(Coulda been paradise)

Baby you know that it coulda been paradise..
- (Coulda been paradise)
- Still I hear your call in the night
Coulda been paradise..
- (Coulda been paradise)
- Oh we both doubted could it be right
But it coulda been paradise..
- (Coulda been paradise)
- Oh still I hear your call in the night
Oh-oh it coulda been paradise

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