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Artist: Lee Greenwood
Song Title: You Can-t Fall In Love When You-re Cryin-
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She gently brushed my arm as she walked by me
And she turned and said "I`m sorry" with a smile
She was everything I ever dreamed of meeting
But I quickly closed my eyes & walked the other way, `cause...

You can`t fall in love when you`re cryin`
Please don`t try to look into my eyes
If I said I loved you I`d be lyin`
`Cause the memory of yesterday is still in my mind

She caught me just before I reached the corner
And she asked me most politely for my name
She was more than just a girl, she was an angel
And I wanted so to lie, but I told her just the same You see

(repeat chorus)

She winked and said I know just how you`re feelin`
And I know there`s nothing I can say
That can change the way you feel, so here`s my number
You can call me on the phone when the feeling goes away
`Cause I know...

(repeat chorus)

You Can-t Fall In Love When You-re Cryin- Lyrics at Lyricstrue

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