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Artist: Lee Hom Wang
Song Title: China White
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Yeah~China White

I got a feeling someone's gonna get hurt
Selling your soul for a bag full of purified dirt
Is gonna getcha your diamond rings
Stretch out your purse strings
But it's all over when the fat lady sings

Cause you've been selling out the neighborhood
You've pick the wrong place, brother, for dealing your goods
You're going down fool, I promise you that
I'll hit you twice, (even) before you can flinch, that's a fact

Cause youre punk, coming into my town
I got no patience for you
I don't care how many guns you got
Coz I got Kung Fu and a badge
I'll be whopping your ass
From Shanghai to LA in economy class

China White China White, I'm gonna take you down
China White China White, And I'm not messing 'round
China White China White, Before my chance is gone
China White China White, Come on come on

Cause you've been killing since the day you were born
Offering good times bought and sold like a whore
How many innocent will share your disease before you rest in peace

You took the mother from an innocent child
Under the covers left her body defiled
And now you're showing up my part of town
I wanna take you down Take you down


China White China White, Nobody's gonna stop me, man
China White China White, man, I'm sick of this shit
China White China White...

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