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Artist: Lee Kernaghan
Song Title: Boys From Bathurst
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We been running strong
From the east to the west
We been banging fenders
To give you all the best
We been setting records in every state
Well their aint no car
Like a big V8

To the boys from the bush
were back in town
Well the cars in the back and the shutters down
Were all heading for the Bathurst field
To see Brokky and the boys serving up a thrill

Weve been feeling the heat
You can hear it cuss
Weve been kissing the fences
Been choking on dust
We curse the rain
We curse the sand
Were running hot
Turn it on for the fans

To the boys from the bush
Were back in town
When the green flag drops
My foot goes down
Were all members of the horsepower sect
And the king of the mountain is the guy youve got to get

We work our cars
From go to whoa
Its the greatest race
Its the ultimate show

To the boys from the bush
were back in town
Well the cars in the back and the shutters down
Were all hear were the Bathurst Boys
And you cant hear that show against the noise

To the boys from the bush
were back in town
When the big guns roar
Its shaking the ground
Steering straight and stay off the wall
You get the checked flag and your walking tall
You get the checked flag and your walking tall

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