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Artist: Left Eye
Song Title: Jenny
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3, 2, 1
What what what, man turn that down...
Gimme five more minutes
Five more minutes...

What times is it? I'm tired man
11:59 already

Wake up in the morning one thing on my mind
Cheerios with vanilla on my milk
It's all mine, I devour, take a shower
Grab the papers and sack
See ya'll later I'm packed
Smoked up till I get cataract
Laid in the Cadillac
Switch lanes out of the driveway
Like I was on the highway (yeah)
I ride a big boy
Y'all ride a similac and oh my Cadillac
Has 50's in the back
Playin' Rick James and Tina, so relaxing
Passed on by the neighbor Red Lane
They called him insane
Here's Mr. Chang limps with a cane
Had a crush on Ms. Payne
Blessed and he's strange
Now he can't walk the same
Innocent three-legged rover
Kinda says four-leafed clover
His owner smooth Jason
Yeah game like Playstation
Had the girl's hearts racin'
Like you're nervous and pacin'
Well I swerved the curb
Corner action like verb
Cops throwin' the bird you heard
I'm on I-20 wit' 20's (unh-huh)
And beats I got plenty can't wait to see Jenny

I been all around the world, met a lot of girls
Jenny, yeah that's my dog
I been so many places, seen so many faces
Still ain't none like my dog
I been around the world and back again
Ain't nobody like her yet
Don't forget your homies, can't forget my homies

Well, as sun starts to dim and I'm under the speed limit
And there's hectic traffic too, got off at exit 22
Stopped at Lorraine's she's datin' Mr. Kane
And she's just as deranged and insane in the brain
Man she blew up his Range, shouted things so profane-acap

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