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Artist: Left Eye
Song Title: Keep Your Head To The Sky
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Keep on usin' so try
Keep on singin' this try
Keep on movin' try

Keep your head to the sky
Live your life and reach high
Wipe your tears and don't cry
You will make it if you try
Keep your head to the sky
Live your life and reach high
Wipe your tears and don't cry
You will make it if you try

To all my little shorties comin' up in school
Don't forget what they said about the golden rule (uh uh)
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you
Use life is what you make it and that's true
And if you don't know what I'm talkin' about
Now lesson number one thee
You better watch what's comin' out your mouth
Cuz while you're talkin' about your friends
Know the messages you send
Got a real funny way of comin' back again
I know that life can be a struggle (struggle, struggle)
You're stayin' in and out of trouble (trouble, trouble)
But the youths killin' our youths
What's up with that?
You're feelin' used and abused
Wanna strike back
Then do yourself a favor
Take the anger
Flip it around
I'm telling you that it'll save ya
There's more to life
Than you may ever know
But you must recognize
What it means to grow


Yeah uh huh
Come on

In the midst of all the confusion
Burned bridges turn into bruises
I conjure flames out in fusion
Mental combustion to music
Compels the demons to shatter
Misconstrued the fantastic
Imagine how clear is to plastics
Time to fault the unnatural
Copin' and dealin' makin' me feel like I'm about to burn any second
Losin' the feelin' like life's depressin'

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