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Artist: L-Fudge
Song Title: De De De
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De de de de de de de de de da de day
All y'all hip hop niggas buy ya smoke around the way so
If it comes to it I can see y'all

De de de de de de de de de da de day
All y'all hip hop niggas buy ya smoke around my way so
If it comes to it I can see y'all
Believe me I can see y'all

[Verse 1]
You lack some minerals and vitamins, respect due to that
The average hip hop consumers now's like who dat?
Songs nowadays ain't stayin' stuck in ya brain
It got to the point that all songs that suck sound the same
I'm speakin' on behalf of a third of us in the game
That when dope comes up they ain't announcin' our names
Now I'm runnin' up in clubs screamin'
Wid my songs pumpin' in 'em
Celeb status weighin' in like Kenan
Ain't big headed or gassed up
I'm stayin' on the cement
Don't wanna hear that talk 'round me
Y'all playin' wid my feelings
Cause y'all couldn't help but notice bitches ravin' over me then
Ya automatically think they gave off fragrants of my semen
Play attention closely to how stupid y'all look
Like a producer droppin' dime on a lieu Buddah took shit
Back to the song, continue wid splittin' lyrics in half
to the point of the bathrooms you ask if it's on
They be like yeh it is, don't his raps be the bomb
Listen once we're done zippin' up our pants sing along
Bring it on, whatever, that's how the shit's s'posed to be
I been new nice I been since Hawaian Sophie please


[Verse 2]
This is for all my real niggas smokin' chronic in blunts
To my British niggas smokin' spliffs along wid ?silca?
To all my European niggas smokin' ounces of skunk
To my Domi

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