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Artist: L.G. Wise
Song Title: How Many
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How many gonna raise they seed
How many gonna blow that weed
How many gonna slang that dope
When we know it's hope we really need
How many gonna make 'em bleed
How many gonna make 'em freeze
How many gonna push that weight
Do anything it take to get that cheese

See 'em everyday get hit with a charge
Now they gotta go toe to toe on the yard
Know it's kinda hard behind them bars
20 to life and you full of the strife
'Cuz you know you gotta fight for life
'Cuz if you life by the gun, die by the gun
Came from the slums where it ain't no fun
Somebody killed her only son
Who's gonna take his place, no one
Really don't matter 'bout the color or race
When the bullets start to fly all thru the place
Shorty got shot with a chrome 45
Hurt me to my heart, can't tell no lie
How many mommas out here gotta cry
How many kids out here gotta die
Lost in the streets got tears in their eyes
Tell 'em make the peace, can you feel me, right
uh-hua, okay, no how no way
Talk about politicians, that's why nobody wanna listen
Everybody from the money maker to the player hater
Wanna be a peace maker, if it ain't about makin' the peace
Or savin' the streets, Baby boy see ya later
But now it's me and Marquise bringin' peace to the streets
D.C.P. and Young Wiz-e, makin' the peace
Cause the violence to ceace' cuz that's the way that it's gotta be
You heard, Makin' the peace cause the violence to cease
'Cuz that's the way that it's gotta be

45 Clint Eastwood, pop killas in the hood
Dirty boy flow, got folks in the wood
Know where I'm from, cats spit straight fire
Come on the block to make sure you die
Violation Wo

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