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Artist: M People
M People Author
Album: Elegant Slumming (1994)
M People - Elegant Slumming Album
Song Title: Dont Look Any Further
Genre: House
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Someone to count on, in a world ever changin'.
Here I am stop where you're standin'.
What you need is a lover, someone to take over.
Oh baby don't look any further.
Strange when you think of our chances.
That we'be both been in a state of mind.
Too cool to be careless. Looking for the right thing.
Oh baby don't look any further.
Tonight we're gonna taste a little paradise.
Rockin' all night long.
Daylight I'll still be looking in your heavenly eyes.


Day o umba day o mambu ji ay o. Don't look any further.
Day o umba day o na jam bay um bay o. Don't look any further

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