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Artist: Mac Mall
Song Title: Dopefiends Lullaby
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Hey Mr. Dopefiend smokin rocks
Hittin on that pipe til your brain cells pop
All up in my face wanting puff for the five
Ain't trippin what I give him he just wants to get high
Straight to the till and you don't say a word
Cuz your workin wit a chip from a ballers blur
Danglas (Fiends) steadin jockin cuz they saw a cop
but when they flag ya down ya turn your head and don't stop
Sneak in mama's house and you hope she don't flash
Clean yo glass dick so you can take major blast
But before you take a trip on your cocaine flight
Mom's she down the door so yo break outta sight
Now you feelin hella maney like its you against the world
Cuz yo whole life revolve around that white girl
But not that honky ho that you see every day
Its that wicked white bitch named parubian flakes
And for a fat dub tell me what would you do?
Disrespect your family hit a lick or two
Steal your mama's shit just to get a faulty fix
Drink a glass uh piss
Suck a dead mans dick
Hustlas wanna hang you cause ya owe um hella loot
But you don't give a fuck cuz all you care about goo
You used to have a business
Ya used to havve fuckin life but you trade that shit in for some
Now tell me whats wrong with todays society
That make a mothafucker wanna die for the "D"
Cocaine has been a killer, since 1983
At first only a high for right, rich and elite
But now its on the street which brings us back to the fiend
He finally found a place were he can light his filthy screen
Searching for a match so he can blaze his own fuse
He lit that yola up and man the pipe went "BOOM

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