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Artist: Macabre
Macabre Author
Album: Sinister Slaughter (2002)
Macabre - Sinister Slaughter Album
Song Title: The Boston Strangler
Genre: Musical
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Albert De Salvo)

He's walking through apartment halls. =

For a female, he will end it all.
He'll take her nylon stockings down.
And her neck they'll go around.

You can't untangle her, from the Boston strangler.
He's going to mangle her, the Boston strangler.

The police can't find him; several dead.
They're looking for the man they dread.
He will shove a broomstick up her cunt.
Around her neck, a stranglers knot.

You can't untangle her, from the Boston strangler.
He's going to mangle her, the Boston strangler

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