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Artist: Macbeth
Macbeth Author
Song Title: Lady Lily White
Genre: Rock
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White dove lay lifeless on a crown of thorns
Beside a broken sword
Whirlwind blew out a candle
Heartrending cry

Tears were streaming down her face
Cold dread of death black cursed embrace
An endless nightmare croacked on the brink of despair
She felt she would die

Her thoughts flew to his brave betrothed
It was so long ago!
Sweet loving eyes of thee so far from mine
She felt she would die

Sweetheart, my light cruel fate calls me to fight

Sudden shadows fell on me
Was the dream of white dove a message of thee?

You may be wrong
May he live long!
How many winters
What cold you suffered in the pale warmth of hope

Gloomy icy blast from battlefront
Blew his dumb ashes back to court
Atropos broke fine thread of his life
She felt she would die

Calling from the highest hissing tower
Corvine shades abducted her murdered soul
Birds of ill omen stained the sky
She felt she would die

Jewel, my love the war is calling from above

Sudden shadows fell on me
Was the dream of white dove a message of thee?

Was not only a dream
Of suffocated beam
Harmonic torment
Tragedy masked in romantic dress

The tower was calling...she climbed the stairs to breathe better the death

...and the heaven was bleeding
She dressed in snow flickering as lily in storm
Like a dove flew up

E i cielo tinto nel rubino
Stringeva al seno suo il muto giglio,
Spenta la rosa nel viso candido bambino
Ricamava la parca fatal il sigillo vermiglio,
Igneo affluente del gentil ruscel diamante
Dolce scivolava al freddo mar del pianto.
Fragil ebbro d'amor libravasi lo spirto vagante,
E la terra la bruma copriva d'incanto?

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