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Artist: Machine Gun Fellatio
Machine Gun Fellatio Author
Album: Bring It On (2001)
Machine Gun Fellatio - Bring It On Album
Song Title: Butter My Arse With A Pigeon
Genre: Rock: Alternative
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What is it that gives a pop record that special something, that extra touch that makes it a hit and lifts it to the dizzy heights of the top of the top ten?

As the monster truck speeds up to pass
I find myself alone with you at last
Now's there's a little something that I forgot to ask:
If you've got the pigeon, I've got the ass

Butter my ass with a pigeon
Butter my ass real good
Butter my ass with a pigeon
Like you know you should
Butter my ass with a pigeon
Butter my ass right now
Butter my ass with a pigeon
Tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow
We'll butter a cow

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