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Artist: Mactatus
Mactatus Author
Album: The Complex Bewitchment (2000)
Mactatus - The Complex Bewitchment Album
Song Title: Speak The Word Of The Winds
Genre: Metal: Death, Black
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SPEAK THE WORD of the Winds
Search the Path of the Screaming
Empty Expressions of Sorrow
Detesting your own Sanity

Devotion, a Quest for Rationality
Redemption, a Pale Slave of Laughter
The Vultures of Jehovah Circling in
On the Prey of Light

Gormandizing the Remnants of our Legacy
Spectacular Sight of Horror
Gazing at the Torment of Individuality
Human - to Rest is mot to Conquer
Rape the Silence

Spread your Fear as
The Vultures of Jehovah Circles in
Assassins of the Light with Horror Rapture
Haunting The Shadows

Speak The Word Of The Wind

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