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Artist: Mad Caddies
Mad Caddies Author
Song Title: Econoline
Genre: Alternative
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I heard you call my name
Now it's not the same
When I hear your voice
Half way across the country
Yeah, yeah!
Locked up in the van
You'll never understand
Th manic that builds
This hole inside me
I have got responsibilities
You have got them too
I'm trying but what am I supposed to do
Every time I drift off in your blue eyes
Thinking about the angels voice on the phone
Get that sinking feeling
I'm never going home
Sometimes I let myself get so down
I can barely hold my head up to say
I'm alive and well
And I'm coming home someday
I'm on the outside
Looking in at what you said to me
Your words soft spoken in a dream
Another night alone
I saw your face you smiled at me
Just an illusion it may seem
Get it out of my head

So I'm stranded here
There's so much more to fear
But I know it will be over someday
Everytime I think about your soft smile
Dreaming about the girl I needed to see
Feel a bit uneasy
Dark is upon me
Sometimes I let myself be afraid
If the next days going to fall
Then I tell myself it's okay
Time has come to call

I'm on the outside
Looking in at what you said to me
Your words soft spoken in a dream
Another night alone I saw your face
You smiled at me
Just an illusion it may seem
Get it out of my head

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