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Artist: Mad Skillz
Mad Skillz Author
Song Title: Ghostwriter
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* This version has the names censored, no other version exists

"Mad Skillz" "On the real"

"I'll probably make more money off your album than you" (Repeat 3x)

"I'm want to tell you once, and only once"

First of all, I ain't even want to make this shit

There's a lot of rap cats out here faking the shit

I'm a ghostwriter, I'm the cat that you don't see

I write hits for rappers you like and charge 'em a fee

Yo don't get me wrong dog, it's the cheddar that counts

But fuck that nigga ______ cause his fucking check bounced

You thought ______ your single was hot?

I wrote that shit five minutes in a parking lot

I'm the one that your man ______ had to go and get

Cause he smoked too much lye, couldn't write his own shit

Now ______ A&R, he on my answering machine sick

Hollaring in my phone, "Skillz, can you write to this?"

Sure, for stacks, nigga, I make your act bigger

But fuck ______ and his whole label cause I ain't never get my plaque, nigga

Jadakiss told y'all cats and that's that

Y'all have a ASCAP or get your ass capped

"Mad Skillz" "Ghost writer, and for the right price

I can even make yo shit tigher" --> Jay Z (Repeat 3x)

"When my pen hits the paper, awwww shit!" --> Kane

Now that fool ______ can't flow, but his crew is sick

Cause he got long dough, so wait til you hear his new shit

I did two songs for ______ til they dough got straight

And even ______ from the West Coast owe me some pape

Remember the little kids, the one that was in ______ group?

I'm the reason you though they lil raps was so cute

I had a hundred songs on the Billboard list

Ask again dog, how I got your deal on my wrist

I did done NBA cats and NFL

But I stopped in '97 cause they shit don't sell

Now ______ paid up cause she was owing me stacks

Who in the hell you think had that chicken flowing like that?

I hate writing for ______ cause he take too long

Crying about the price, I hit him with two fucking songs!

Ran up in ______'s office and wrecked his staff

Cause it's been two years and dog ain't paid the second half

"Mad Skillz" "Ghost writer, and for the right price

I can even make yo shit tigher" --> Jay Z (Repeat 3x)

"When my pen hits the paper, awwww shit!" --> Kane

So if you just signed, trust me dog, you can't touch it

Don't ask your label for Skillz, cause that ain't in your budget

Y'all cats parlay for chips, I mingle for mills

I turn your whole album into a single deal

I stopped writing for ______ cause that fool don't get it

Looking long sessions and he punching every five minutes

Where my ones, nigga? What the fuck I look like?

And his man ______ got mad cause he couldn't get the hook right

I spit ______ and we don't see eye to eye

So I feel like Lee took his Rollie up in BMI

I'm the one that gave ______ his brand new sound

I did his last two albums without even writing 'em down

And for ______ from the South, dog you shook

Stop bouncing on stage nigga like you wrote that hook

You favorite rappers' songs? I put the flames in it

Y'all keep fucking around, I'm a put this back out with your names in it

"Mad Skillz" "Ghost writer, and for the right price

I can even make yo shit tigher" --> Jay Z (Repeat 3x)

"When my pen hits the paper, awwww shit!" --> Kane

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