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Artist: Mad Skillz
Mad Skillz Author
Song Title: Tongues of the Next Shit
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featuring Kalonji the Immortal

[K] Whatch you on Kwan?
[M] I'm on some next shit kid
[K] Yo whatchu on Kwan?
[M] Yo I'm on some next shit kid
[K] Yo whatchu on Kwan?
[M] I'm on some next shit kid
[K] Well blueprint a niggaz face and use his head as the grid

[Mad Skillz]
Mad Skillz and the Immortal keepin it in the streets
Track back with amnesiac microphone techniques
I see the thunder hear the lightning when I'm writing
MC's are always fighting, I find that shit real inviting
So let's face it, cause as soon as we meet
you and your crew will dissapear like Lee from fuckin Beat Street
Breathtakin words, verbs, and subliminals
make MC's wanna have cookouts around my genitals
Smackin dice and boobytrappin mics
Watchin MC's try to see me when they know I'm beyond they sights
Mortals with no skills, check the fusion
Yo my style's a gold digger, cause me and her be usin men
Professionals, mass intellectuals
Snatchin the man out your body like a homosexual
I'm kickin style to make the microphone sweat
cause we on some shit, that the next nigga ain't on yet

[M] Whatch you on K?
[K] I'm on some next shit kid
[M] Yo whatchu on K?
[K] Yo, I'm on some next shit K
[M] Yo whatchu on K?
[K] I'm on some next shit kid
[M] Well blueprint a niggaz head and use his face as the grid

My lyrics split, oceans, the mystic, phenomenon
Kalonji rocks, rhymes like, Romulan war bombs
Inside flow, realistic, perfectonist
Intelligence posesses my brain like the Exorcist
I change, and switch places like an inter-transitional
element, from outer space
It's the Ultra, human eater of mics
with telepathics that float, inside, infinite gigabytes
of many eyes, which spit up poisonous quadratic formulas
Hold up, let me warn ya
This manuscriptical, crimatical, architechtural
connectical, poetical, supernatural, mathe-matical
infallible, theoretical acrobatical
paragraphical basic instinctual
warrior, hip-hop artist who catches wreck is on THAT SHIT
that the next nigga ain't even on yet

[K] Whatch you on Kwan?
[M] I'm on some next shit kid
[K] Yo whatchu on Kwan?
[M] Yo, I'm on some next shit kid
[K] Yo whatchu on Kwan?
[M] I told you, I'm on some next shit kid
[K] Well tell them baby ass niggaz to leave they rhymes in the crib

[Mad Skillz]
Skillz, the ill rapper killer you'll emerge
from a sack with a fucked up body like a caterpillar
What? It's dope if I conceive it
And if you made it then that shit's bound to be paraplegic
so leave it, and fuck what niggaz might say
It's time for real niggaz to represent, VA the right way
We gets in it and pussy dudes get fried
If you birthin wack rhymes, get yo' motherfuckin tubes tied

Yes, conceived at logic like Spock
I posess the vital force to make, humans, stop
and watch the Immortal One, Kalonji
Cause, a million planets be followin me like Gandhi
All the way to the damn end of the universe
Exobiologic, foremost and first
Check it I got so much flavor, here taste it
In the future, boom it in your, boom it in your
boom it in your spaceship - the next shit

[M] Yes, the next shit for nine five
[K] Basic instincts represent
[M] Mindbenda
[K] The Bedroom Wizard
[M] DJ Street
[K] Forever People
[M] Disorganized
[K] J-Von the Medieval
[M] Yes, and all the VA, where you at black?
[K] All the VA, all the VA, knowhatI'msayin?
[K] Northside
[K] Yeah, Southside
[K] Yo, the Eastend
[K] And the motherfuckin niggaz from the Westend
[M] The West .. the real shit
[K] I'm tellin you right now, right now
[M] Gonna get your fuckin nuts cut off
[K] For real
[M] It's my year nigga
[K] For real
[M] It's this year
[K] Virginia is gonna infiltrate this next millenium
To all you future motherfuckers, wake up now
and see what's gonna happen
[M] Die nigga

* music fades out and comes back in *


[Mad Skillz]
Word to my mother!
I be super lyrics like Jason's crazy ass brother

Nigga, my superpowers catch wreck
I'm mixin up ill styles, like interracial sex

[Mad Skillz]
Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh
Yes word, so be hesitant -- if you look at me wrong nigga
you get the fuckin speech impediment

What? Uh-huh
Invincible, in VA, like ..

* fades beyond recognition

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