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Artist: Mad Skillz
Mad Skillz Author
Song Title: Ugly Freestyle
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I ain't choose too rhyme, y'all betta get it right

"The Saga Continues", another "Bad Boy for life"

The F-A-B-O-L-O know who I am

Cuz he heard me and he like (De de de de DAMN!)

Mad to the Skizillz from "V to the izz-A"

Get B-D-S-N without having to pizz-ay

"Girls, girls" they know how I do

Man, dem broads act a fool when I (Skiiiiirtin on twenty-two's)

Take your shirt off, get prepared

Stop actin' like a bia, you scared

"In my projects", I don't like drama

Where get the flows from, dawg? I get 'em "from my mama"

Like Mos & Beyonce, I keep y'all guessin'

Plus my ass ain't "independent" no more, "Question:"

(I'm focused man), a sick MC

And (y'all don't wanna fuck with me)

Got skillz, and that's no doubt

You could (put ya hands up), you might as well (knock yourself out)

That's the "damn amthem", raps taste like candy

But y'all won't see me like Suge in Miami

And "I'm gon' make it"

Half of y'all get on TV and fake it

Cuz after the show, I'ma start the thuggin

And hit a "lil' mo" and get a "superwoman"

Then (ANTE UP!), man I told dem hoes

Girls, shake it fast when I (throw dem bows)

DJ's who want intros, you gotta understand

That I'm gon' rap for more than "one minute man" (OOOH!)

Like Juve, it's time for some action

Back that thang up, (I'm sorry Ms. Jackson!)

Huh, I don't think y'all heard me

Come on the track like "Dun, dun, dun-nun" (let's get dirty)

Blow minds like Eve, cuz I don't care

I run up on you like {snippit of Eve's "Let Me Blow Ya Mind"

You got to understand

Dawg, I'm like Fatman Scoop with a "crooklyn clan"

And I'm killin' these cats, with just one rhyme

Keep the drums the same, nah Tim (switch it one time)

The industry is too damn confusin'

Cuz nowadays, Babyface look (just like music...)

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