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Song Title: Rap Up
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See this what we gon' do y'all
Re-cap the two-double-0-two y'all
R. Kelly got caught wildin'
He sold more sex videos than he did albums
A lot of y'all went down fam
Y'all did some dumb stuff for soundscan
The industry did Michael Jackson greasy
Brandy wasn't selling, so she put her pregnancy on TV
Cash money refused to flop
Baby said 'F-it, man, I'm takin' Juvenile spot
Christina Ag', she turned into a slut piece
For her record to sell, she let out all of her butt cheeks
Rap girls take a lesson from that
Cause nobody remembers a girl that made 'My Neck, My Back
And hip-hop was at it again
Suge came home and Slick Rick went back in
Man y'all took it to the streets again
But this year a lot of y'all caught beef again
J.D. and Dre started off dissin'
Then they stopped, when they found out nobody was listenin'
Then the IRS hauled J.D.'s cash off
Dre pro'lly in Cali now, laughin' his ass off
By now don't nothing amaze me
In the middle of the summer, man Nas went crazy
He was like, 'I got power Hot ain't gotta play me
All y'all wack and yes I was gon' lynch Jay-Z'
I guess he figured, 'Y'all ain't gon' punk me'
Admitted the payola and put Flex on front street
And Flex almost got banned
When he saw Steph Lover, he tried to speak wit his hands
And Steph thugged him like, 'I ain't about to get played'
She drove straight to the precinct like, 'I'm bout to get paid'
P Diddy kept cruising, you wouldn't think
Half the year he didn't even have distribution
Y'all could front like y'all don't care
But this year, Goddamn, man Diddy was everywhere
And designers made doe
But we gotta burry Burberry,

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  • Rap Up 2003
    "yall know what it is its skillz we back i mean ya'll asked for it so i hadda do it again no wut im sayin? yea "03" lets go yo its the S K I to the doubble L Z recappin the 2 doubble 0 3 yall R.kelly say face he wrote so many hits that we forgot about his sex case everybody gotta hit from the king but i aint get the mask n the whole pied pipper thing till i found out who that really is aint that the dude that left town wit R's little kids?...yup...label of the year would have to be shady i watched lil jon turn into jd and speakin of attraction dont you get sick when you realize he hit janet jackson Da Band gotta easy break and had the whole world talkin bout not walkin for cheese cake and heres the funny part the black album hit n you hadda walk just to sit in the dark rappas kept fake pimpin and dont lie you know you like watchin Jessica Simpson and everybody kept eyes part flashin Styles came home n Yayo went back in the industry was silent the dummy move of the year that would be Kobe Bryant yall think she lien thats the second time Kobe been on tv cryin im like damn kobe in high school you was the man Kobe wut the hell happened to you? Sean Paul stayed busy they careers looked iffy so Madonna decided to kiss Brittany that sent a shock thru the city i wasnt shocked it woulda shocked me if she kissed Missy and the south made a come back note to BET i dont wanna see Bone Crushers butt crack Ja Rule got maddem we watched the spercon special Irv watched the viagra wuts next we movin on everybody forgot about the girl that made the uh-oh song 50 kept stunt'n club songs of the year Joe Budden yo Pherreal were frontin Rock the Mic was a tour didnt you feel bad for LiL Kim performin at the BET awards? uyou agree with this one then wave ya hands whos tired of the throwbacks n the chickenhead dance ok same year Nelly and Chinggy Got robbed in the same year shock ima say it quite clurr when ya mans in Philly have


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